deutsch-english   Biography

1947 born in Koblenz (Germany)

1961 apprenticed to a motor mechanic

1971 graduated at border- police school and a school for mechanical engineering including technical drawing

1974 college social pedagogy including visual communication, photography and photo lab

1977 certified social pedagogue in a detoxification center

1978 training (2 years) to teach creativity

1979 studies psychology, training in psychotherapy for example Psychodrama, Client Centered Therapy, Analytical Psychology

1988 highly respected psychotherapist; beginning as an artist avocational

2006 exclusively focusing on art (painting, charcoal-drawing, sculpture, photography)

2009 start to present at art exhibitions

2010 member of “Bund internationaler Künstler” BiK

2011 studies of painting and graphics at „IBBK Bochum”

2014 co–founder of a group of artists “aspekte-kunst-international”

2015 graduated study of painting and graphis, joining the master-class of Prof. Qi Yang; member of the society “Bund Internationaler Künstler e. V. Köln

2017 nominated as a master student by Prof. Dr. Qi Yang